Shut Up Shutting Up

Shut Up Shutting Up (MP3)

You talk too much,
But, you sure look good:
     "Better off thought a fool,
     Than to open your mouth,
     And, remove all doubt."

Blabbin' "this, that and some such,"
Are ya out of brain food,
Are ya an empty soul,
Did all your senses fly south,
Has your rational run out?

You talk too much,
But, you sure look good,
Good enough to touch,
And, yes!  I would,
If ya'd just hush.

Yes, hush little baby,
Don't bother to cry,
You've done run daddy... done run daddy dry,
Oooooo... I ain't talkin' maybe!
Ya see... here's the thing,
You don't need a diamond ring,
But, there's plenty of people,
That've been going without,
It's time for their mocking bird to sing,
Yeah, plenty've been deprived,
Now, maybe their ship arrived,
Maybe "now" is what they're all about?