Been Carbon

Been Carbon (MP3)

Are you ready for some action?
What'll bring ya satisfaction:
Some carbon composite,
Set in a golden ring?
Or, a certificate of deposit,
Baring interest?

Are you ready for gratification,
Why not spare the carbon,
From an inanimate thing,
Before you're dead...
Consider your very being?
After all,
You've been,
All your life,
You depend,
We all,
Have been,
A carbon,
It's our code,
Of living.

Why be catastrophic,
To allotropic,
Forcing uniform,
Forcing the norm,
Let us exist,
In more than one form!
Let's get is straight,
About our  substrate,
We're but a minor element,
Of the Earth's crust,
Yet, we've spent,
The entire trust.

Yet, abandoned,
Of judgement.

Been carbon,
Now... I'm just a has been.

From Florida State University
Carbon is a nonmetallic chemical element, one of the five chemical elements that make up Group IVa of the periodic table. Elemental carbon is actually a minor component of the Earth's crust, but it is one of the more abundant elements in the universe. Only hydrogen, helium, oxygen, neon, and nitrogen are more abundant.

This element is essential to life, its atoms forming the substrate for all the major molecules that life on Earth possible, including sugars, proteins, fats, and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the molecular structure that carries the genetic code of living organisms.

Carbon is allotropic, that is, it exists in more than one form: amorphous carbon such as charcoal, coal, and coke; crystals such as graphite and diamonds; and fullerenes, a soccer ball-like arrangement of carbon atoms.

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