Bad Astronomy

Bad Astronomy (MP3)

Bad astronomy,
Nooo... just can't be,
Good astronomy,
Watching over me.

Brown dwarf?
Make me barf,
You can forget,
That old midget,
You can bet,
An odd object,
Is what you get,
Tightening the Kuiper Belt.

It was not too far,
It could be felt,
A passing star,
Perturbing Sedna.

Bumped from her area,
Thrown into hysteria,
Now she's coming,
To our inner system?

An eclectic ecliptic,
An orbit... "messed" a bit,
Will the orbit's girth,
Collide her with Earth?

Is the sun's companion,
Our Nemesis?
Will Oort's pollution,
Hit... or will it miss?

Bad astronomy,
Nooo.... none for me.
Won't sicken,
With any 'ole Sichin.

Bad astronomy,
Nooo... just can't be,
Good astronomy,
Watching over me.

John asks:
Is there a website(s) dedicated to or at least discussing the fallout/ramifications of a passing brown dwarf star, through the Ortt Cloud? There were some studies done by Univ Louisiana and the Royal Astronomical Society, back in the 90's, suggesting that the spate of comets that we had ,were being kicked out by an unknown object about 1 ly or so out. I mean legitimate studies, or serious discussions, not "Bad Astronomy" or "Sichin".
Thank You

Sidd replies:
sedna (an odd Kuiper Belt object) is supposed to be one body that may have been perturbed by a passing star. It is theorized that there are other such bodies whose orbital planes should be far from the ecliptic. The existence of the Oort cloud rests on analyses of long period comets, but has never yet been directly observed. The old studies you are referring to ... i believe there was some speculation about a large companion body to the sun in a faraway orbit (sometimes called Nemesis) that perturbed hypothetical Oort cloud objects into orbits that passed through the inner system, but there is no real evidence for such an object. for more see the archives of sci.astro, sci.astro.research, and perhaps alt.sci.planetary (please be aware that only the second group mentioned is a moderated newsgroup, so the quality of postings on the other two groups leaves much to be desired)

if you wish, we can do some more research, but that is all i can remember off the top of my head

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