Outta Hand

Outta Hand (MP3)

I thought I could depend,
On Greenland,
I don't understand,
How'd things get so outta hand?

Mountain glacier,
Washes ashore,
West Antarctica,
Coming right at ya,
Willing to sacrifice,
Greenland's ice,
East Antarctica?!?!?!?!
Heart attack --

With the rising tide,
There's no place to hide,
A brackish backlash,
Can't take it in stride,
The divide... toooo wide.

As Tasmanian's cancer,
Is Nightmare's romancer,
A Frankenfish,
Scales the wall,
Escaping from,
Man's great fall,
Yeah, we're hot,
As our heatwave,
Sends em to their grave,
Yeah, we forgot,
What we're not:

We're not so good,
To know what we should,
We're not too good,
To do what we could.

If we think of the good...
We would.

With the rising tides,
Our ride collides,
A brackish backlash,
Gotta blame it on pride,
And, my selfish inside.

Kingdom come,
Has come undone,
How dumb?
How dumb.

John (of Bakersfield, CA) asked:
Is there a consensus on the maximum sea level rise if all the ice upon land melts ? I have heard from 175ft. to 415 ft. Anybody done an accurate study on this ? Thanks

Sidd replied:
various contributions from ice
a)mountain glaciers: 10 cm -- 7 in
b)West Antarctica:500 cm  -- 15 ft
c)Greenland:500 cm - 15 ft
d)East Antarctica: 7000 cm -- 210 ft

also other contributions from thermal expansion of the warming oceans (20 cm/degree/Km) etc.... looks like greenland is goin fast

The Global Warming Study