The Blind Eye I

The Blind Eye I MP3

It's getting hard to believe,
That we won't relieve,
I mean... I'm in disbelief,
That we won't offer relief.

We can't claim we're unaware,
Undoubtedly unfair,
It's evident,
We don't care,
Though permanent,
It's dismissed,
Now, we've misssssssed,
The boat,
Our ship came in,
But, left again.
Our chance?

A severe circumstance,
Makes my journey,
A fear juggernaut,
That's our own fault,
Gotta change our stance.

Why can't I see?
Have I...
Grown blind,
Am I that kind?

An insight,
To help us see --
And, it's our own fault.

That's right,
You can blame me,
Or, have we all turned...
A blind eye?

Haven't we learned?