Don't Fade Away

Don't Fade Away MP3

Will it take decades to fade,
Is there enough time in a century,
To rewrite all of history?

Will it even take a decade to fade?
Please forgive my curiosity,
Sometimes it gets the best of me.

The intuition of the Inuit,
Well... they seem to have it,
Global warming gasers,
Are worse than terrorists,
Slowly killing the masses,
Because self-fulfillment,
We can't resist,
Bringing on pain through disasters,
Bringing it on faster and faster,
All hopes being dashed,
As time passes,
All hopes... smashed,
Do you think it's meant?

No! Don't fade away,
Hey, hey, hey,
Don't fade away,
Let's move away,
Hey, hey, hey,
From trouble stray,
Live another day,
Hey, hey, hey,
Don't fade away.
(repeat and fade)