Tirade (On Parade)

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The Planet Mercury We thought we had it made,
'til Mercury,
Threw it into retrograde.

We thought, "Made in the shade,"
'til everybody,
Spazzed n' went into -- TIRADE!

Poking each other in the eye,
Could we move any further awry?
Promoting attacks,
Or, turning our backs,
What do I care... barely?
Poked In
The Eye As long as it's not me,
That has to die,
Until I'm left standing alone,
Maybe that would bring it home?
The thought,
The idea,
That we're in this together,
It's brought,
To be dear,
Left with myself... forever.

Having thought it threw,
I can speak for me,
But, don't know about you?
I'm afraid,
No... don't wanna see TIRADE! on parade.