Things Are Looking Up

Things Are Looking Up (MP3)

Dm / Ab / F


If ever I fall down,
Whack my knee,
Or, crack my crown,
Instead of self-pity... for me,
I look up,
For good luck.

Help, I've fallen,
And, can't get up!
Help, I've fallen,
And, can't get up?
Turn an eye,
To the sky,
When it comes to what'ta say,
I can't tell ya how to pray,
But, it's been proven,
There's grace from heaven,
For the fallen.

It's hard to get me down,
Rarely whack my knee,
Or, crack my crown,
Avoiding self-pity,
It's easy to see --
Look up,
For good luck!

It's been said,
"Bow your head."
But, instead,
Lift your chin,
Let the light in,
Sing out praise,
As you raise.

Raise your head,
Raise your consciousness,
Raise the dead,
With your eagerness,
To progress,
Past Her right hand,
Try to understand,
With me?

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