Teardrop (MP3)

Am variations


The sky's eye,
Sheds a raindrop,
God's teardrop,
Do you wonder why?

Here's the thing...
I feel like a drip,
When I rip,
At Her heartstring,
When we tear,
Her heart apart,
Are we really,
That desperate?
Please tell me... 
Are we truly,

Drip, drip, drip,
As we drop,
From the top,
As we trip,
And, all fall,
To the bottom,
Concede as conceded,
We're dumb,
Concede as conceded,
We're done.

She sheds a teardrip,
As we rip,
She sheds a teardrop,
As we plop,
She sheds a teardrip,
As we trip,
She sheds a teardrop,
As we stop.

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