Herbie Herb & The Plant-its

Herbie Herb & The Plant-its (MP3)


Introducing Herbie Herb & the Plant-its...
they're out of this world!

I'm Herbie Herb,
And, these are the plant-its, 
We love to hoe,
And, sow,
So... without further ado,
We welcome you, again,
To our lil' Garden Of Edan.

Herbie Herb?
Sound absurd?
I wonder if anyone,
Gets it?

Ahh, well... 
We've already begun,
Since man's first day,
Under our same sun,
There's been a quest,
To conquer the taste test,
Everyone tries.

Pray tell,
Have you heard of basil?
The blood of Archemorus,
Gave us,
Parsley... really.
This god is not alone,
Pluto's love of Minthe,
Resulted in Persphone,
Creating mint,
Then, there's catnip,
It's been along on every trip,
And, back to the most ancient age,
There's been sage.

It's on every history page,
The power of the Sun, Earth, water, and air,
Over Man... and how he'll share.

Let my body fill,
With chlorophyll,
Please pass,
The wheatgrass,
Liquid sunshine,
Does me fine,
And, sorrel...
Just as well,
What can I say,
About burnet?
For over 5000 years,
Chives have saved lives,
So, how about three cheers,
For Herbie Herb,
And, the plant-its?

Eat 'em up,
Eat 'em up,
Rah! Rah! Raw!

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