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Why not,
Find a moist spot?
Especially in the winter,
When you try to keep hot,
Because turning up the heat,
Does defeat,
For humanity,
Needs water in the air,
To remain fair.

We will fall ill,
If our skin goes dry,
How about an eye,
Or, nostril?

Why not seek a moist spot,
Better yet... create your own,
Take a leak on a plant,
Or, pour into a pot,
Make a humid zone,
It's O.K. to spray,
But, stay away,
From a humidifier,
You'd be better off... being dryer.

If you're health is going dire,
Find some space,
In a moist place,
Remember winter's fire,
Makes things dryer,
So, why not,
Seek a moist spot?
(It's a trick,
Ta not getting' sick.)

Humans need water for a lot of reasons. A human is made mostly of water. Many people use to believe that you need to drink so many glasses of water a day. Now science has discovered that it is best to drink water when you are thirsty. The number of glasses you need to drink per day depends on things, such as, the kind of foods you eat. Eating a watermellon is kind-of like drinking a glass of water.

So, not only do we drink water, we eat it, too. There is yet another way that humans must consume water -- through moisture in the air. If your climate is not humid enough, your skin and mucus membranes will become too dry... making you much more susceptible to illness.

Trying to keep your eyes, ears, nose and skin in the right humidity conditions can be very tricky. Moist environments tend to encourage the growth of molds and insects. So, you will want to plan and control your moist spot to minimize these problems. In colder climates, central heating systems tend to make the air very dry. Some people buy humidifies. However, commercial humidifiers can promote the growth and spread of bacteria. Instead, why not try watering some plants? Certain plants like growing in rocks. This makes them perfect for pouring water on the pot. The rocks help the soil retain moisture for a longer period. You can also put larger trays under the pots and pour water directly into the tray. Some plants actually prefer to be watered this way. Several times per day, you can spray a mist of water into the air over and around your plants.

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