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Upon suggestion,
Try aroma ingestion,
And, don't be afraid,
To put your hands on,
Medicine can masquerade,
Right under your nose,
So, let it happen,

Chemicals fill the air,
As I mist their limbs,
Antiseptics --
Naturally happen,
Preventive care,
As I pick their bounty.

(I could go on ad nauseum,
But, you see,
That's one of the things they do for me --
Take feelings like nausea... and cure 'em.)

Hands-on the experience,
Is of essence,
To be complete,
It is the essence,
... doesn't even compete,
With a pill...
Never will.

So, call me touched,
When it comes to livin',
But, if ya ask me,
It makes sense,
To make sense,
Of your scents...

I gotta get to know,
What I'm plantin',
Ya, call me touched,
When it comes to livin',
Part of the cycle,
With what I sow,
From the time I till,

Usually when I think of herbs, I think about eating them. But, they do more for me than taste good. Certainly, most are beautiful to the eye.

How about touch? Many herbs have antiseptic qualities. By handling them, you automatically cleanse your hands and help eliminate germs and bacteria. Of course, there are many other external uses of herbs including bandages, salves, compresses and poultices.

Just by being in the same area as live herbs can be of benefit. There is a whole discipline devoted to the study of how scents help you -- aromatherapists.

As for sound, you really have to listen close to hear them growing. But, many plants do make music in other ways (such as the quaking aspen.)

So, why not let plants touch all our senses? Heehe... or, why not touch plants with all our senses?

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