Crisis Management Plan For Children

Dear Children,

Humans have caused the destruction of the Earth's environment. (Explanation of Human Induced Climate Change)

We are sorry.

You should be prepared for the havoc we will wreak on you. Everyone should know how to:
1) gather or create potable (drinkable) water
2) gather, hunt or grow enough food to feed yourself
3) find or create suitable clothing and shelter for protection against the elements
4) administer first aid

These are things you must learn. We can not teach you through writing. You must learn to live your life in this way prior to the crisis. Find a teacher that can help you learn in your "real world environment."

Start off by trying to feed yourself for a day.

In order to be well prepared, you should be ready to get water, food, clothing and shelter indefinitely. To be a humanitarian, you will need to consider doing this for other humans, too.

To graduate from being a tenderfoot, you should be prepared to start with: the clothes you are wearing, a lighter, a canteen and a knife.

To master the lesson, you should be prepared to start by being dropped naked, in the dark, into cold, unknown water.

Have fun!



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