Alexandre Therrien


Alex has vast experience in the areas of music and human rights. Early in his career, he participated in the human rights movement that helped set free Augusto Gonzalez from Venezuela (Amnesty International).

In 1997, he did a multi-culture trip to Cuba where he lived as a Cuban for 3 weeks. He would help by doing little things to help bring them an easier way of life. He assisted in the building of a bathroom and building a solid bed. He ended up giving away his clothes, his walkman, etc., etc.

Children and youth are a large part of Alex's devotion. For instance, he has participated in a summer camp north of Quebec, as well as, participated in Leucan (a foundation in Quebec for kids sick of Leukemia Cancer.)

As a musician, Alex has performed extensively at benefit concerts including shows for the elderly, Aids, drug awareness, the Mira Foundation For Dogs (these dogs are incredible and are donated to the blind and handicapped in some sort), not to mention, numerous other shows throughout Quebec.

Now, Alex is affiliated with Real World Studios (England). He is a drummer that works with their record label and musicians from around the world. On his own, Alex is a multi-instrumentalist that likes writing music using 2 guitars and adding other instrumentation.

At, Alex is an active participant, helper, writer, counselor and advisor. Without him, our world would be a dimmer place.