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After being robbed, the lyrics to this song came to me. However, another friend misinterpreted the meaning... so just in case you aren't sure, here is what happened:

The friend said, "You shouldn't get pissed-off."

So, I responded --

Yes, I totally agree.

The lyrics weren't for me.

This event was of no harm to me.

My attempt was to do just what you talked about... take that feeling of being violated... and get people to think about human rights violations.

I mean... someone rooted about in my car... big deal.

How about all those others... whose human rights are being far more violated... at this moment. That's what the song is about.

As well as, an attempt to reach an audience of youngsters who "feel like I do."

Hasn't everyone had their rights violated at least once?

Sooo... knowing how that feels... why would you ever knowingly violate someone else's?

Yeah... that is a message in the song, too.


If there is one thing I've always hated,
It's when I've been violated.

It's something that needn't be debated,
When I've been violated.


Why go wrong with my rights?


What is left of my rights,
When I'm in your sights?

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