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Who's your mama?
And, her mama's mama?
Chances are,
Going back kind-of far,
I don't know,
200 mama's ago,
Or, so...
And, it might sound bizarre,
But, my greatest grandmama,
Could belong to you, too?

Could be a long, long, long belong,
La la la la la looooooong belong,
Me n' you kin.

Who's your daddy,
And, his daddy's daddy?
It's a good bet,
If ya haven't figger'd yet,
The greatest granddaddy,
That belongs to you,
Belongs to me, too.


So, now we know!
Is this any way,
To treat family?
Here we go,
Blow after blow,
Frolic in the mess,
Then, hope to pray...
But, trying to confess,
Will be useless.


So, now we know!
Meant to be a friend,
Not a foe,
Can't we end,
Our sibling rivalry?
Enough of the angry...
Let our hearts mend?


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