Under My Nose

Under My Nose.mp3

Dm / Bb / Am


I thought I misplaced my keys,
Until I clenched my fist,
"What is this?
Are these my keys?"

   I thought I lost my freedom of speech,
   Until I looked under my nose,
   My lips can spout and shout and preach,
   To any and all of those...
   Who'll hark my bark.

I thought I lost my sunglasses,
Until I looked on my nose,
"What do you suppose,
Are those?"


Should we feel like asses,
The more time passes?
When all the while,
We've held the file,
We've held the soul-ution,
To our own quest-tion,
The remedy to our woes,
Has been right (there) under our nose,
How could we fail,
To find The Grail?
I suppose... it's under our nose?


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