The First Lady

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Variations Of Em


Have you ever met,

"I refuse to lay down, lay down, again,
To try n' produce more of your kin,
I'm looking for something... somethings....
Time to sprout some wings,
'cause I'm flying."

"It's time for me to get on top,
You've had your chance to dominate,
It's time we did a rapid flip-flop,
And, I can hardly wait."

"If you can't tolerate,
Then, it's too late,
I won't procrastinate,
Nooo... I can't wait."

"So, it's time I fly,
To the love of succubi,
My, my, my,
Yes, it's time I fly,
To the love of incubi."

"Senoy, Semangelof, and Sansenoy,
Are part of an altered story,
Perhaps it's true they tried to cut a deal,
But, the rest of the tale isn't real,
For it wasn't I born to sin,
That's where Adam comes in,
He'd done me wrong,
It's the same old song,
And, it wouldn't be long....
Before he'd do it again,
He did it to me,
And, can't you see,
He did it to you, too,
He has a habit,
Of taking a bite,
When it's not quite right.
So, how about it?"

"Can you see I'm sane,
Will you clear my name,
Help me set things right,
Can you see I'm sane,
Will you clear my name,
Let us shine in the light?"

"If not,
I'll still come in the night,
Not forgot,
Spreading love is alright,
Have no fright,
It's alright,
Spreading love in the night."

"But, I'd rather deliver,
All the way...
In the night and in the day,
Easier to find my way,
So, will you clear my name,
I wasn't to blame,
And, I'd delight in the light."

I am of lillim.

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