In Search Of The Holy Grail

In Search Of The Holy Grail.mp3

Em / G7(13) / Fm7 b5


Yes, a very fine line,
In time.

Follow the bloodline,
And, I think you'll find,
What's up,
With the cup.

I realize,
As I phlebotomize,
Setting eye,
On I.

Whose blood do I hold,
How young,
How old?
Trace it back to Emmanuel,
And, you'll wonder "how come,"
Mary was erased from the story?

Follow forward to Arthur,
And, you'll ask,
Why Guinevere was taken to task --
Why history veered,
From reality?

Is it really a mystery?

What's up,
With the cup?
Wrestle with the vessel,
The tale of the Grail,
A cup cup,
Holder of the blood,
The mug of this mug,
A solid body container,
For mortalityhood,
Goblet of the blood-let,
Tumbler of forever.

My advice,
Search for a chalice,
Holding no malice,
Instead of drawing blood,
Draw back,
And, you'll see,
The very fine line in time,
More clearly.

I realized,
As I phlebotomized,
Setting eye,
On I.

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