Living In The Stone Age

Stone Age Tools
(Click here to see what I think these things are.)

This song is about an archeological and anthropological find of fossils and pre-historic Leni-lenape Indian artifacts.

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When I hold these things,
In my hand,
It's like I'm being transported,
To another land,
If I let go... the more feeling it brings,
And, the less distorted.

Then, I understand,
I stand on the same land,
It's just a different time,
Than "mine."

Though sometimes,
It still feels,
Like we're living in the Stone Age,
Yeah, sometimes,
Is real,
More savage?
Hmmm... more of the time,
It's feeling,
Like they were a more civilized...

Fozzilizing Nut and Tool it Was Stored With

They didn't beat each other with fists,
Tooooo many risks,
They didn't disrespect,
Not a speck,
They didn't use their tools on fellow human,
At least not often,
They had better thinks to do,
Than me and you?


Instead of seeing how much they could take,
Or, how much they can make,
They would strive to become,
What they respect,
To be a better one,
And, never neglect,
To pay homage,
To their (they're) Age,
Not just a few... everyone.


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