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Did someone pull the rug out,
From underneath,
Should I shout,
Or, grit my teeth?

	Is anybody there,
	Anyone aware?
	Does anyone care,
	That things aren't fair?

Someone has pulled the crutch,
From my arm,
Will head and earth touch,
Should I sound the alarm?


If you won't help fight,
For what is right,
I should plan on just that,
And, pray you change the habit.


I'll try to continue,
With or without you,
I've no choice,
But, to raise my voice,
For those too weak,
Or, those too meek,
I must find a way,
To promote their say,
Should others follow,
That's easy to swallow.

I'll be sad to see you stay,
Sadder still... to see you participate... in the melee,
Well, why dwell in hate?
Goodwill... is where I'm headed,
Now, your lack of support... is anticipated --
Lack of an I-beam.

However, I beam,
So, should you change your mind,
I'm always looking for someone kind.

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