Dribbling Rivalry

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	Dribble and drool,
	Babble like a fool,
	A dribbling rivalry,
	Ahh soooo unnecessary.

Isn't familiar to me,
It's a foreign entity,
But, I can see,
The same doesn't hold true,
For you,
So, are we equal?


I can't remember it in me,
It's an unknown entity...
But, I fear,
It's something you hold dear,
So, are we equal?


Ah hah!  Now there's something you're teaching me,
I didn't use to pity you,
But, now I do,
On the other hand,
Is it something you understand?
Are we equal?


Not that I'm better than you,
I'm not saying that is true,
Just that I'm different than you,
And, the things I choose to do,
The things you do,
You do for you --
You're first.
I'm trying a different approach,
As I depart,
I put myself last,
And, listen to Coach,
To learn my part,
Then, I run fast,
Along the way,
I give it... from the heart,
Get it... would ya like to start?
We could be equal today --
Tied for last place,
And, race all day.

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Dribbling Rivalry

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