All The Young Dudes

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This song keeps comin' to mind lately... and while recording Disbanded... it hit home.

It was originally written for Mott The Hoople by David Bowie. Mott The Hoople was in jeopardy of breaking up... Bowie... being a fan... wrote most of the lyrics that Ian Hunter ended up singing. But, Ian went a step further... and included the audience in his "group" (The words in parentheses Ian added... and were meant to be sung live. When he performed the song, he would really bring people from the back up to the frontrow.)

We try to capture that feeling in our experimental cover version.


Well, Billy rapped all night about his suicide,
How he'd kick it in the head when he was twenty-five,
Speed jive don't want to stay alive,
When you're twenty-five,
And, Wendy's stealing clothes from marks and sparks,
And, Freddy's got spots,
        From ripping off the stars from his face,
Funky little boat race,
Television man is crazy,
Saying we're juvenile deliquent wrecks...
Oh man! I need TV when I got T Rex,
I'm a dude man.

All the young dudes (Hey dudes)
Carry the news (Where are ya)
Boogaloo dudes (Stand up Come on)
Carry the news
All the young dudes (I want to hear you)
Carry the news (I want to see you)
Boogaloo dudes (And I want to talk to you... all of you)
Carry the news

Now, Lucy looks sweet cause he dresses like a queen,
But, he can kick like a mule it's a real mean team,
But, we can love oh yes we can love,
And, my brother's back at home,
        with his Beatles and his Stones,
We never got it off on that revolution stuff,
What a drag too many snags,
Now, I've drunk a lot of wine,
And, I'm feeling fine,
Got to race some cat to bed,
Ohhhh is there concrete all around,
Or, is it in my head?
I'm a dude man.

All the young dudes (Hey dudes!)
Carry the news (Where are ya?)
Boogaloo dudes (Stand up)
Carry the news
All the young dudes (I want to hear ya)
Carry the news (I want to see ya)
Boogaloo dudes (And, I want to relate to you)
Carry the news
All the young dudes (What dudes?)

Carry the news (Let's hear the news come on)
Boogaloo dudes (I want to kiss you)
Carry the news
All the young dudes (Hey! You there with the glasses)
Carry the news (I want you)
Boogaloo dudes (I want you at the front)
Carry the news (Now, you're all his friends)
All the young dudes (Now, you bring him down... cause I want him)
Carry the news
Boogaloo dudes (I want him right here... bring him come on)
Carry the news (Bring him -here you go)
All the young dudes (I've wanted to do this for years)
Carry the news (There you go)
Boogaloo dudes (How do you feel)
Carry the news

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