The Midevil Age

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flute, organ, electric guitar, drums and vocals


In this day,
And, in this age,
In our way,
Not a blank page,
Romanticizing over the good 'ole times,
Over the screams and wines,
Of our current situation --
Mass deterioration.

Detonation of a potent position,
Polarization of procrastination,
Pivot over how we did it...
Our dim wit... damn it!
Do we care a bit?

During this day,
And, during this age,
The wrong way,
On Her stage,
We play the part,
Of the fool,
Without a heart,
... very cruel.

The day of the night,
Long after the medieval,
In the middle of evil,
I find myself asking and wondering,
I find myself missing and wandering,
Bewildered at how barbaric...
Feeling sick.

I beg forgiveness,
For having done this.

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