I Apologize

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This song was inspired by Global Warming and The Hypocritical Oath.


Now that I realize,
I apologize,
It took us by surprise,
The twisted logic,
Made us sick.

So, who's sorry now,
I know I am,
But, I don't know,
Where to begin.

When I hurt you,
I hurt us,
When I hurt me,
I hurt "we."

So, who's sorry now?
I think we both are,
For somehow,
All suffer.

We are connected,
Through society,
Helping you,
Helps me, too,
But, if I try to help just myself,
Can I really help anyone at all,
Is there such a thing as self-wealth,
Or... is my wealth... dependent on "the total?"

You can't count me out,
Nor can you, I negate,
For, what it's ALL about,
There is no debate.

So, who's sorry now?
I think we both know,
So, how far,
Will we allow them to suffer?

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