The Atrocity Of Hypocrisy

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This song was inspired by the Atrocity Alley and Global Warming... resulting in The Hypocritical Oath.


The atrocity of hypocrisy,
Headed the wrong way,
Yet, we continue to say,
"Everything will be all right!"
Until there is nothing left.

The atrocity of hypocrisy,
Out-of-control locomotive,
With no sense or motive,
We commence with the fight,
Lies, maiming, murder and theft.

The atrocity of hypocrisy,
Wrong way on a one-way street,
Meet your destiny... meet and greet,
Head-on into a fate that ain't so great,
We choose to loose?

The atrocity of hypocrisy,
We chose these clothes,
Fitting for our eternal wake,
When we awake... to the sound,
Of our wake... pounding the ground...
Crashing down all around.

A tidal
Wave bye-bye
A tribal
Wave bye-bye

We choose to loose,
The atrocity of hypocrisy.

A final,
Wave bye-....

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