A Head Of Steam
(aka Peter "on the" Cross)

A Head Of Steam .mp3

One day my friend, Peter Cross, was sitting downstairs. Upstairs, I thought I heard Her whisper this in my ear:


Hey, ya know I could be running,
Yeah, I might be running,
I mean...
Could be I'm running out of steam?

I've been through some times,
And sometimes it rhymes,
I've seen how it rocks,
Taken my share of knocks...

And, now it would seem...
I'm running out of steam.

So, for goodness sake,
It's time I rewake --
Gonna find me a new head of steam.

Yes, instead...
Find me a new head,
A Head Of Steam.

Oh, yeah... it's starting to build,
Looks like I lost the ill,
It's been killed...
Overcome with goodwill.

And, I'm feel stronger still,
Feeling lean not mean,
With my new head of steam.

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