You'd Never Guess

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You'd never guess where I've just been,
Traveling back in time,
To understand our kin.
Nero was no hero,
Nor, Domitian a good Samaritan.
There's Caligula's brutal formula,
And, what can you say of General Pompey?
Hey, Hadrian was no guardian,
Wait! Don't forget Alexander The Great,
When it comes to the degenerate.

You wouldn't believe where I've just been,
Witnessing human's crime,
A cumulative sin,
Waste, greed and grime,
Culminating in,
Something grim,
Reaper reaps the sowed,
Keeper of the moral code.

No, you'd never guess where I've been,
But, I bet you can guess where we'll go,
I bet that now you know...
At least if you choose to let it happen,

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