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We've got bigger dragons to slay,
Save that fight for another day,
Or, at least... get under way...
Cause I've found,
When it comes to flapping my gums,
Little gets done,
(Perhaps on future scenarios we'll expound,
And, that helps prevent tomorrow's problems)
But, in any event... what will you do... to get you,
Where you already should be... today?
How fast can you run?
You are here -- X... and you need to be where?                 
					way over.................................. there.

Did you have a clue it's your que in the time line?
Now the time is fine,
NOW is a fine time to move past your past,
To a birthday present of the present,
Sure! Then, on to the future...
So, I should see you pass me by as you try.
That is the day I'll know you're on your way to the big show.

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