She's Done

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Get a load of them,
Preachin' the gospel, again,
Oh, well,
It's their bargain.

Could be much,
To their chagrin,
'cause the times... 
They are a changin',
Is 20/20,
But, that ain't right,
At least not,
When time is tight.

Didn't wanna scare Her,
But, there is no margin,
For error,
Either we get it together,
Or, die n' rot,
On this very spot.

   She's done,
   All She can do,
   Gave up Her son,
   And, garden, too,
   She's done.

I point a finger at you,
And, the remaining,
Point back at me,
So, it's easy to see,
It is I,
I should look in the eye,
When seeking the answer,
To "why?"

Despicable deeds,
Not willing to concede,
Hatred spreading like a weed,
Taking from those with needs,
Yes, Sir,
Between me and you,
We've out-done Her,
Tipping the balance,
Toward our silence,
Yet, still...
We pile it on,
We are "non."

Repeat Refrain

She's done... we won.

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