Dm / Eb / Cm / F


Murder, rape and war,
I implore,
No more!

The imp inside of me,
Want's to explore,
Some more,
See what's to see,
Behind every door...
So, I implore,
No more!

Haven't we enough,
Of this "stuff,"
Who needs a second helpin',
With all we've been given?
I implore,
No more more!
We make haste,
To waste,
Showing off,
Our bad taste,
When shown it's known,
We scoff,
Not to humble our pride,
The truth we hide,
Don't we know,
Our time will come,
The piper we'll pay,
In some sort-of way,
Our debt does grow,
And, may become,
Overly burdensome,
Thus, the plea from me --
I implore,
No more!

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