Quid Pro Quo

Quid Pro Quo.mp3

Em7 / Em7 sus4 / Em7 (11)


Hey, kid,
Are you really up for,
Quid pro quo?
I don't know...
An eye for an eye,
A tooth for a tooth,
Leaves everyone with less,
Than before,
It makes for a bloody mess.

     Whoa the woe,
     No, no, no,
     Quid pro quo.

Did you see what he did?
Quid pro quo,
Tit for tat,
Ahhh, man... 
That ain't where it's at,
Friend or foe,
They don't know,
Quid pro quo,
Ain't the way to go.


Who wants to be treated,
Equally wrong,
That can't go on,
For very long,
Should have retreated,
To a safe haven,
Waitin' for justice from heaven,
How will it end,
If we keep exchanging,
A beatin'?


Hey, kid,
Forgive what he did,
He doesn't know,
About quid pro quo,
Try to let it go,
What goes around,
Comes around,
It's just a matter of time,
Before you get yours,
And, I get mine.


you wrote:
nice one... where's the bridge?

i replied:

well... the chord progression is Em7 / Em7 sus4 / Em7 (11)

so the way it turned out... the whole song is a bridge... heeehe

it's like a fast tempo swing kind-of beat... there is a transition about 2/3 of the way through... that kicks the drums up... and the piano goes into a wild jazz sort-a thing

which was suppose to give ya that flying by the seat of your pants feel... heehe... like restraining yourself while being outta control

the idea being to give the song the "feel" to go with the meaning of the lyrics

ya know... how do you feel when you are under attack? you want to feel free, safe and carefree... but someone is whacking you... you don't want to feel like a coward... yet... you don't want to lose control of your fist and punch 'em in the eye, either?

anyhoo... though it's unlikely i pulled it off, that was the intent... heehe

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