Global Dimming -- Part II
(The Sun's Cold Sholder)

Global Dimming -- Part II MP3 (The Sun's Cold Sholder)

D / F# dim / Bm


I can't remember when,
I last saw the sun,
What did happen,
To make Her turn Her back?
What quality do we lack?

Dark and dreary,
Into February,
Longing for a Spring day,
Dark and dreary,
So, I query,
"Will you pass my way?"

Will you shine down,
Upon me?
The light of your crown,
Shines brightly,
Will you lift our spirit,
We shouldn't fear it,
The power of your presence,
Is effervescence,
For our essence.

Enough of our non-sense,
I can understand,
Why you think,
We're outta hand,
The way we waste,
Pollute and stink,
Yet, make haste,
To negate,
Our responsibility,
When clearly,
Our taste,
For recklessness,
Created the mess,
Now we confess,
And, beg forgiveness?

As I grow older,
I fear the Sun's cold shoulder,
I can understand,
Why you think,
We're outta hand,
Now, on the brink,
Of becoming extinct.

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