(Global Dimming Part I)

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Dm / Gm / Cm


There appears,
Very little,
That I can do,
To convince you.

Tragedy nears,
Change your point-of-view?

First, we feel,
Stuck in the mud,
The drudgery,
Of self-pity.
Then, we reel,
It's real.

Loaded or dud?
What are we made of,
Hatred or love?

The evidence --
The conclusion,
(I dunno about the rest...
But, I find it hard to digest.)


What will it take,
To make us wake?


What will it take,
To make us wake?

For goodness sake,
What will it take,
To make us wake!?!?!?!

The evidence,
Is unrefutable,
Our circumstance,

It's no fable,
Though incredible,
It's inevitable.

Imagine that...
We've made our habitat,


Dear Our Age,
A message,
Heaven sent --
     The biggest pollutant,
     And, he won't repent,
     His sin.

Making our situation,
A "no win."
Come again?
Not with extinction.

What were we thinkin'?
Who wants to be,
A "has been?"
Noooo... not me.

What will it take,
To make us wake?

Dear Our Age,
A message,
Heaven sent --
     The biggest pollutant,
     Dirt, filth and grime.
     And, he won't repent,
     His sin.

Is it time...
We awaken?



I think I'm finally getting through to some of my pals over here. This is from a friend of mine to whom I'd sent your mail regarding "geologists weigh in". I note he has taken on board the Greenland ice sheet but failed to mention the 80% of the earth's water that is trapped in Antarctica's ice!

Take care,

Paul - did you watch this last night?

Recent research by USA and UN funded scientists - it was a 4 year study , well funded- shows that the dirt in pollutants helps form dark clouds which have been helping to cool the earth - its called global dimming - and it is very significant. At the same time CO2 emissions are causing global warming. Now that the western world filters pollution - the dirt is stopped from entering the atmosphere - but not the CO2. The result is that , now that the effects of 15 years of filtering means clearer skies, the CO2 warming effect is rising and will become unstoppable unless action is taken on a mass scale very quickly. A 5 to 10 C increase in world temperatures - much more than previously thought - is on the cards by end of this century - possibly 5 C within 40 years .

Result: melting of the Greenland ice sheet which is huge and an 8 metre rise in sea levels and a rapid change in world climate. The whole world- including billions in Asia will be badly effected if nothing is done - and done very soon.

I reckon - as I've done for ages- that the sooner we revert to nuclear power - to buy us time short term - the better!

Global Warming Study

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