Right About Now

Right About Now (MP3)


Imagine some wacky far off place...
And species...
(if ya like... but, it's our's I'm)

Or, perhaps this thesis,
Is like riding a bike,
Once acquired,
The experience is never retired.

I know...
It seems like so long ago,
Yet, I can not forget,
And, now again today... She passes my way:

Daniel 12
9 But She said, "Go now, Daniel, for what I have said is not to be understood until the time of the end."

I reply, "Then, I shall await the message that you send."

10 "Many shall be purified by great trials and tribulations.
But the wicked shall continue with their persecutions...
None of them will understand Man.
Only those who are willing will have the will."

I sigh, "It's too bad the righteous have to foot their bill."

13 "Go on now to the end of your life and your rest;
It is best.
You will rise again,
When those last days begin."

I thought I heard her call? Time to say goodbye to all?

Now... it's time to go?!?!?!

You're way too soon, or don't you know?

And She says to me...
"This ain't my doin'...
They done do as they please.
Or, can't you see,
They've charted a course for ruin,
Insisting that they cease."

Well... er, a... but, but, but,
What if we can do sumpin' 'bout it...
Will you keep your promise?
I will try not to miss,
And will never ever quit.
Should we succeed,
Will you still keep your word,
And, allow my return when Taps is heard?

(kinda like gettin' a free game at pinball...
or not...
which would you choose for ALL?
or have we forgot?)


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