Plagues & Miracles

Eastern Ribbon Snake

This song was inspired by the global warming article, Eastern Ribbon Snake (and visa versa.)

Plagues And Miracles (MP3)
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What will it take,
A snake outbreak?
Slithering serpents,
Return us to servants.

The most miraculous miracle,
Didn't do the trick,
Watching twin towers fall,
Made me feel sick,
People plunging to their death,
As their screams fell on the deaf,
A Pentagon with four sides,
An age when nobody hides,
But, within days... within weeks,
There came a time when no one speaks,
Do you know what I mean,
Everyone returns to their routine.

What will it take,
A snake outbreak?
Slithering serpents,
Return us to servants.

Locusts smoother us,
We contract disease with ease,
1 war, 2 war, 3 war... or more?
Politicians placate us,
Insisting there is no fuss,
The media mesmerizes,
While nobody realizes,
What will it take for us to wake?

(Genesis 3 11-15)
"Who told you that you were naked?"
It can't be faked.
How did you participate?
"The serpent deceived me, and I ate."
Though it may sound silly,
This is how it went,
"The LORD God said to the serpent,"
"You are cursed... and will crawl on your belly."
And, thus born a perpetual enemy,
"I will put enmity,
Between the two of you...
And, your offspring, too.
You'll try to crush his head...
To crush him dead,
And, he will strike your heel,"
Until such time as you learn how to feel.

Is that what it will take,
For us to wake,
A snake outbreak?


sidd says:
look in here
found him raking leaves... light wasn't the best .. what the hell
he is moving that tongue at approx 30 cm/sec...1 ft/sec...

pretty interesting ...looks like some like his tongue is divided into
4 parts not just 2 ...
ifso where ?
mebbe we can some up with some music to go with the tongue flicking ...

i ask:
what's it doing out at this time o year... should be sleepin?

sidd replied:
global warmin.. the growing season has lengthened, frostfree days
have increased ... snakes mebbe stayin awake a lil longer ?

so .. lets put the date on the pictures and put it in global warming

i respond:
hmmm... very interesting... i've been waiting for more
plagues and miracles... with mixed emotion.

i mean i hate to see 'em... but on the other hand...
perhaps they will wake people up?  the question
is will they awake in time... or will the miracles
and plagues wipe 'em out?

here's some of what i'm talkin' about... the most
miraculous miracle i've ever seen (or at least
tied with things like childbirth) -- 9/11

and though it did wake people up... just for a
few short weeks... then back to normal

plus the US tends to be ignoring other plagues
(such as the locusts attached below)

but, snakes... snakes really freak some people out...
maybe a snake outbreak is just what we need?

Thu., November 25, 2004 Kislev 12, 5765
Locusts descend on Ein Gedi
By Amiram Cohen and Nir Hasson

Locusts continue to swarm into Israel because Egypt is not tackling the problem at its end, director of the Plant Protection and Inspection Services, Dr. Eldad Landes, charged yesterday. The locusts entered Egypt in recent weeks from Libya and are currently located along the entire Egyptian coastline, from the Libyan border to El Arish, as well as in many areas along the bays of Suez and Aqaba.

Landes said that the rain and cold forecast for the coming days will temporarily halt the locust invasion, though he could not predict when it would end.

A large swarm from Sinai touched down at 2 P.M. yesterday in the Ein Gedi nature reserve and the vicinity of Kibbutz Ein Gedi. Kibbutz farmers rushed to shut hothouses and spray fields with handheld devices. All afternoon, farmers and Tamar Regional Council personnel sprayed the swarm, part of which was parked near the Dead Sea shore and part spread throughout the Kibbutz and its orchards. Toward evening, most of the swarm landed near the beach. The Agriculture Ministry plans to spray it from the air this morning.

"So far there has not been any real damage," said Ein Gedi spokeswoman, Meirav Ayalon, "but I stood in a swarm and it was disgusting."

Severe damage is a concern, however, particularly for young mango plantations, because unlike previous swarms in the area, this one is at a stage where it consumes large amounts of food. Furthermore, "there's difficulty spraying in kibbutz territory because of the proximity to living quarters," said Dodi Kadosh, chairman of the regional council's agricultural committee. The Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority is also concerned about secondary damage to wildlife in the Ein Gedi reserve from insecticide entering the food chain.

Meanwhile two new locust swarms yesterday entered the Eilat region and western Negev near Kibbutz Urim. The authorities spent the evening locating the swarms so as to be ready to spray them in the morning from both ground and air.


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