Insulting Indeed

Insulting Indeed (MP3)

This song was inspired by A Conversation About Insulting Her.


Insulting in deed,
Insulting indeed,
She said to me,
To help me see --

Don't behave like an animal out of its cage,
Blemish and tarnish my image?
Don't call me dead,
When I'm living in your head,
(Check your heart for a start.)
Don't call of Eden.
A "measly planet" over and over again,
Your thinking's wishful,
Don't say I'm blissful,
About your bad deed,
Ohhh... the myths you feed,
Be thankful for the ride,
Don't commit suicide,
As individuals or in mass,
Or, you might be the last...
This might be your last...
Making humans a thing of the past,
No longer choice of incarnation,
Leaving souls in utter devastation.

"Insulting in deed,
Insulting indeed,"
She said to me,
"Now, do you see?"


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