In The Lair

In The Lair (MP3)


In the lair,
I'm gasping for air,
Having been totally unaware...
I realize where I am,
... in the lions' den.

Cocky ill' me,
Starting to see,
My proper place,
In this space,
As I stare,
Into the eyes of a lion.
I ain't lyin',
Makes ya feel like you're dyin'.

That's 'cause I can,
For I am not King,
It is him,
The lion,
Wipes my silly grin,
Compared to him -- the King Of Beast,
I'm the least...
I'm nothing.

So, with my humble apology,
Your Majesty,
I beg forgiveness,
For my intrusion,
And, thank you,
For correcting my illusion.

If I might,
Another thing or two,
... Your Majesty,
Would it be alright,
If I go free?
Oh, please,
Could you get off of me?


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