The Twilight Sky

The Twilight Sky (MP3)


(Daniel 7:13)
Arrival of a Man,
Or, so he seemed to be,
Brought on clouds from heaven,
Ancient Days, he did see.

And, it's all going down,
Up in the twilight sky,
You can make it your own,
Know all the reasons why.

(Matthew 2:1)
Traveling astrologers,
Following the bright star,
What would possess travelers,
Into wondering so far?

Well, it's all....

(The Revelation 10:1)
Another mighty angel,
Coming out of a cloud,
Telling of human's spell,
Shouting out the word... loud!

Hey! It's all....

Take a look up, up, up.
Take a look around, round,
See what else can be found,
Love for all will abound.



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