The Power

The Power (MP3)


(Daniel 9:4; 11:7-9)
Can you feel God's awesome power?
I fall to the ground face down.
Some filled with unsound terror,
Er, a...
Have gone back on what they'd said...
Those that had led... have fled.
Instead, they leave me alone,
In this no-man's zone,
To shake, wince and cower.

Can you feel The Power?
I'm just coming-to from a deep faint,
What a beautiful vision She does paint.
So, I stood up still trembling with fear,
She said, "Please... don't be frightened, Dear.
I hear you when you pray,
I hear what you have to say,
I hear you each and every day,
Yes, I hear you this very hour."

(Luke 1:29-30)
Can you feel The Power?
Confused and disturbed,
I heard a voice say,
"Let your fear be curbed,
Peace is on it's way."

Can you feel God's awesome power?
A pillar of power over humankind,
Can you find,
Our beacon tower?
Where the highest is lower,
Can you feel the power,
Of love's thunder shower.

(The Revelation 4:2-8)
Oh, the glory of Her power,
Bursts of light flashing, glittering, shining.
A rainbow with an emerald glow, (Ya, Know?)
Does encircle Her throne,
Roaring thunder with voices in the tone.

Holy, holy, holy.
The Almighty,
The One...
Who was,
and always shall be.



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