God Bless You!

God Bless You! (MP3)


(Ezekiel 38)
Son of dust,
It's a must.
To their surprise... I rise,
Through the fog of Magog.

When my people are living in peace,
You call for a vindictive release.
But, when you come to destroy our land,
My blazing wrath you will understand.

All living things shall quake in terror,
God bless you. The mountains shall tumble.
God bless you as all the walls crumble.
God bless you. There will be no error.

(The Revelation 20:7)
Satan will be let out of his prison,
He will go out spreading his poison.
Gog and Magog's vast armies of Man,
Will number more than the grains of sand.

Followed by the most glorious sight,
Shinning light into the darkest night.
See, I am making all things brand new,
Then, all knowledge will be like you knew.

(Daniel 12:3)
And, those that are wise will be of God,
They will shine brightly for all that's good.
The dead will awaken from their nod,
The righteous come to life... as they should.

(Matthew 28:9)
Good morning. Oh, please don't be frightened.
I am with you until the world's end.
My message... I beg... to all lands... send.
I'm with you until the very end.

Blessed are all those who do remain,
A cleansed Earth... the filth washed down the drain.
God bless you. Are you willing to learn?
God bless you. Or, would you rather burn?
God will bless you... if Her grace you earn.

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