The Dream Actualization Inquiries
(BMW D.A.I.)

A BMW Dream


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The United States dreamt of putting a man on the moon. They did it.

I dreamt about owning a BMW. Now, I do.

If you aren't making your dreams come true today... well, what are you waiting for?

A lot of people ask, "how do I make my dreams come true?" It is simple. First, you think through a sweet dream. Then, you help make it happen.

The following multimedia test was set up to help those who are vision impaired. Just by paying attention and considering the deeper thoughts, you will improve your skills.

If you are able to score a 100%, we will send you a copy in VHS, CDROM or audio CD format.

  1. Moon Beamer (part 1)
    What do you dream of being?
    5M Microsoft .avi video
    MP3 music soundtrack
    local scenes: a BMW Z3 Roadster traversing in and around Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

    Dream actualization starts with a vision. What do you dream of being?

  2. Shoot For The Stars (We're Comin' Through in a BMW)
    Why not make your dreams come true?
    9M Microsoft .avi video
    MP3 music soundtrack
    local scenes: The Gwynedd Valley

    Why haven't you made your dream (as answered in question #1) come true?

  3. A Gathering Of Souls
    Are you aware?
    14M Microsoft .avi video
    MP3 music soundtrack
    local scenes: a BMW 325 crossing the Ben Franklin Bridge into Philadelphia

    If you are not aware of your environment, it is hard to make your dreams come true. In this video, the driver experiences an oddity in his environment. Are you aware of what it is?

  4. Moon Beamer (part 2)
    Is chaos random?
    7M Microsoft .avi video
    MP3 music soundtrack
    local scenes: Narcissa Road, Whitpain Township, PA

    The Moon Beamer song was meant to be an impromptu cover version of the Police's Walking On The Moon. However, the rhythm track to Aerosmith's Walk This Way was opened by mistake. Answer both of the following questions:

    Why is this mistake less than random?

    Is chaos random?
    Yes. Chaos is random.
    No. Chaos is not random.

  5. The Eye Of A Needle
    Is it impossible to put a camel through the eye of a needle?
    8M Microsoft .avi video
    MP3 music soundtrack
    local scenes: Lewis Lane, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

    According to the Book Of Proverbs, it is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than for what to happen?

  6. Moon Beamer (part 3)
    Why not be an object in motion?
    11M Microsoft .avi video
    MP3 music soundtrack
    local scenes: Sledding in Upper Dublin, the Ambler and North Wales train stations, and Gypsy Hill Road.

    According to Sir Isaac Newton, what will an object in motion do?

  7. Thank You
    12M Microsoft .avi video
    MP3 music soundtrack
    local scenes: Ft. Washington, Route 309, Spring House, Bethlehem Pike, lots of BMW's and the Blue Bell Elementary School

    Thank you:, West German BMW, The Membrane Domain, Sidd's Science Center, and

    NASA & Hubble
    Footage includes animation of a "big bang", Hubble Telescope pictures of the farthest stars ever seen by man, the voice of Kennedy saying he wants us to go to the moon, as well as, the voice of the first man to walk on the moon.

    The Membrane Domain Houseband
    All music is written and recorded on-the-fly.

    Who do we wish to thank most of all?

If you missed any of the above questions, you may make-up for it by answering the following question correctly -- at the end of the video, the driver orders a hamburger with no pickle. That's it.

Do you think the drive-thru attendant helped make the driver's "dream meal" come true? Or, was the order "hambungled in paradise"?
Yes. The order was correct.
No. The order was hambungled.

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