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Fourth Of July Fireworks

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What Do You Sow?
 at PoliticalAction.Com An Independence Day Celebration (MP3 .WAV)

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The Pieces that Make-up the Puzzle

The other day I was comparing myself to a piece of grass. I stand tall and proud. I can see other individual pieces of grass all around me. Some are taller. Some are smaller. And, on the surface, we all appear to be independent.

But, when I look beneath the surface... I can see that we are all connected. I can see that we are all united.

So, then the Fourth Of July arrives. I get together an electric guitar and some electric drums... and, start to sing a song. Over the next 24 hours, I traverse through several states of being. These states are then united (get it ? united... states...?) with the original ditty to create An Independence Day Celebration.

The States

John F. Kennedy
 at PoliticalAction.Com
  1. The Original Extemporaneous Song (MP3)
    electric guitar, electric drums, and vocals

  2. State Of Bliss (MP3)
    Washburn 12-string acoustic guitar

  3. State The Facts (MP3)
    Sound effects that include speeches by JFK and FDR, Revolutionary and Civil War reenactments, fireworks, and bugle calls. Some of these sounds (and images) are provided courtesy of the National Archives.

  4. Chaotic State (MP3)
    keyboards, electric drums, feedback, talking drum, and backing vocals

    Keep Your Hands Off
at PoliticalAction.Com

  5. Surrealistic State (MP3)
    Microsoft .AVI Video
    backing vocals and electric drums

  6. State Of Affairs (MP3)
    nasty organ

  7. State Of Confusion (MP3)
    Washburn 12-string acoustic guitar

  8. An Independence Day Celebration (MP3)
    MPEG4 Motion Picture
    All of the above "states" were united to create this united state. Additional images and sounds courtesy of The National Archives, including the following World War II posters:

Stomp On the Bad Guys
at PoliticalAction.Com United States
at PoliticalAction.Com

Click here for more information on the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War

Fourth Of July 
Fireworks at PoliticalAction.Com

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