2x Taxation… Without Representation?

This is what it has become -- Make A Noize!

How It Started

Thank you. Your response to The Concert to Benefit Relief from the Psychedelic Awe Tax has been overwhelming.

To show our gratitude we were just going to give you Double Taxation, the follow-up concert. But, then we said to ourselves, "Selves, wouldn't that be Double Taxation Without Representation?"

Shame on us. So, instead… we are asking for your representation in the building of our next on-line Album -- 2x Taxation… Without Representation?

The raw architecture is going in to place. You can click here to see the directory tree. Then, click around to see videos, lyrics, pictures, etc. When you come up with a good idea, just let us know.

How should we represent you? Please enter your words of wisdom here:

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Thank you.

The Band

Cool Hand: Electric Guitars, Slide Guitar, Bass
Mar T.: Drums, Percussion, Bass
Digital Yoda: Hammond B3, Vocals, Keyboards, Video, Multimeida, Web
Capn': Drums, Percussion, Bass & Video Production

Bonus Singles

A Liberty Experiment
Everything's Turning Upside Down!

2x Taxation
Awe Tax
Industrial Noize Pollution

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